Trip Reports in Nevada, Sorted by Date
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38 reports for Nevada
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
18 Apr 2010 Hidden Hayford
[Hayford Peak 9912]
Steve Eckert
16-18 Apr 2010 The Virgin Moapa
[Virgin Pk 8071, Moapa Pk 6471]
Steve Eckert
7 Feb 2010 Genoa Peak SE Gully
[Genoa Peak]
Steve Firebaugh
3 Feb 2010 Rawe Peak, W Canyon
[Rawe Peak]
Steve Firebaugh
30 Jan 2010 Genoa Peak from Genoa
[Genoa Peak]
Steve Firebaugh
29 Sep 2009 Two Pound Stirling
[Mt Stirling 8218]
Steve Eckert
28 Sep 2009 Putting up with Potosi
[Potosi Mtn 8514]
Steve Eckert
25-26 Sep 2009 Mummy does the Charleston (with dance partner McFarland)
[Mummy Mtn 11528, Charleston Pk 11915, McFarland Pk 10742]
Steve Eckert
6-7 Aug 2009 A Cold Summer Night's Dream
[Mt Jefferson, Arc Dome]
Steve Eckert
13 May 2009 Mt Wilson via Oak Creek Canyon
[Mt Wilson]
Richard Natale
8 May 2009 North Peak via Lost Creek Canyon
[North Peak]
Richard Natale
21 Apr 2009 Carving up Mt. Rose
[Mt Rose]
Will MollandSimms
20 Apr 2009 McCullough Mtn Route B (sometimes it's the drive - and not the climb - that makes the trip)
[McCullough Mtn 7026]
Daryn Dodge
6 Apr 2009 White Rock Peak 6430ft (via Surprise Canyon)
[White Rock Peak]
Richard Natale
30-31 Mar 2009 Pin Cushion Peak and Pinnacle
[Pin Cushion Peak, Pin Cushion Pinnacle]
Richard Natale
5 Jan 2009 Newberry Mountains (ever hear of them?)
[Spirit Mtn]
Steve Eckert
23-27 Jun 2007 Ruby Rendezvous 2007
[Mt Fitzgerald, Thomas, Liberty]
Steve Eckert
9 Nov 2006 Potosi Mountain
[Potosi Mountain]
Linda Emerson
26 Apr 2006 A Bridge (not) Too Far
[Bridge Mtn]
Steve Eckert
25 Apr 2006 Solid Mud
[Muddy Peak]
Steve Eckert
24-25 Oct 2005 Mt Jefferson and Arc Dome
[Arc Dome, Mt Jefferson]
Debbie Bulger
25 Dec - 1 Jan 2004 Holiday Highs (Tucki Mountain, 6726; Pahrump Peak, 5750; Black Mountain, 3941)
[Tucki Mountain, Pahrump Peak, Black Mountain]
Debbie Bulger
17-18 Dec 2003 Wheeler Peak (NV)
[Wheeler Peak]
Chris Bielecki
1 Sep 2003 Wheeler Peak
[Wheeler Peak]
George Sinclair
7 Jul 2003 The Nurturing North Loop of Mt Charleston
[Mt Charleston]
Matthew Urso
7-14 Jun 2003 Ruby Rendevous
[Ruby Mtns]
Allen Tatomer
8-9 Mar 2003 Skiing Nevada's Highest: Boundary Peak
[Boundary Peak]
Reiner Stenzel
21-29 Sep 2002 Charleston, Mummy, Waucoba
[Charleston Peak, Griffith Peak, Mummy Mt, Waucoba Mt]
Debbie Bulger
7-8 Jun 2002 Snow Climbs in Desert Climes, Part 2 (Ruby Dome and Ruby Pyramid, near Elko Nevada)
[Ruby Dome, Ruby Pyramid]
Steve Eckert
3-6 Jun 2002 Snow Climbs in Desert Climes, Part 1 (Baker/Wheeler/Pyramid, Great Basin National Park)
[Baker Peak, Wheeler Peak, Pyramid Peak]
Steve Eckert
1-2 Jun 2002 Boundary Peak and Montgomery Peak (NV and CA)
[Boundary Peak, Montgomery Peak]
Dee Booth
12 Aug 2001 Boundary Peak (13143 ft), Montgomery Peak (13441 ft) (CA and NV)
[Boundary Peak, Montgomery Peak]
Arun Mahajan
8 Jul 2001 Ruby Dome and Wheeler Peak
[Ruby Dome, Wheeler Peak]
Gary Craig
6-17 Jul 1998 Dinesh Death Valley Trek (The Great Daring Stupendous Unbelievable Dinesh Death Valley Trek)
[Badwater, Death Valley]
Dinesh Desai
27 Jun 1998 Boundary Peak in Tennis Shoes
[Boundary Peak]
Tony Cruz
25 Jun 1998 Mt Rose, Nevada
[Mt Rose]
John Bees
4 Jul 1996 Mount Charleston
[Mt Charleston]
Rich Calliger
1 Sep 1992 Boundary Peak Update
[Boundary Peak]
Dinesh Desai


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