Trip Reports from 2013, Sorted by Date
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21 Reports for the Year 2013
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
8-25 Oct 2013 Northern SPS Peaks, October, 2013
[Adams Peak, Mt Rose, Sierra Buttes, Mt Elwell, English Mtn, Mt Lola, Castle Peak, Granite Chief, Tinker Knob, Mt Tallac, Dicks Peak, Freel Peak, Dunderburg Mtn]
Bob Davey
[California and Nevada ]
27-29 Sep 2013 Gray Ash Gray Smoke
[Gray Peak]
Aaron Schuman
11-16 Sep 2013 The singing coyotes of Center Basin
[Center Peak, Mt Bradley, Mt Keith]
Bob Davey
20-27 Aug 2013 Upper Basin via Taboose Pass
[Split Mtn, Mt Prater, Mt Bolton Brown]
Bob Davey
19-27 Aug 2013 Triple Divide Peak, South
[Glacier Lake, Triple Divide Peak S 12634, Shortys Cabin]
Debbie Bulger
17-18 Aug 2013 The Hero of Giraud
[Giraud Peak]
Aaron Schuman
3-4 Aug 2013 Winchell's Do-Nots
[Mt Winchell]
Aaron Schuman
14-19 Jul 2013 Taboose Pass Wanderings
[Cardinal Mt, Striped Mt, Split Mt]
Mike Bigelow
4-6 Jul 2013 Little Bear Peak (Northwest Face)
[Little Bear Peak, Blanca Peak]
Tim Edinger
30 Jun - 6 Jul 2013 Fourth of July Fireworks at the Great Western Divide
[Mt Eisen]
Aaron Schuman
21-25 Jun 2013 Mt. Whitney from Shepherd Pass
[Mt Whitney]
George Sinclair
15-16 Jun 2013 On a Silver Platter
[Silver Peak]
Aaron Schuman
18 May 2013 Morgan Beach
[Mt Morgan N]
Aaron Schuman
27-29 Apr 2013 Wholey Moses (exploring the west face)
[Moses Mtn 9331]
Steve Eckert
23 Apr - 9 May 2013 Island Peak including Everest Base Camp
[Island Peak, Everest Base Camp, Avi Peak]
Andrew Wirkus
[Nepal / India]
16-20 Apr 2013 Picacho del Diablo (The Peak of the devil, Baja's highest peak)
[Picacho del Diablo]
Dave Miller
7 Apr 2013 Mt Wrightson (We hiked it just once ...)
[Mt Wrightson]
Sonja Dieterich
2-4 Apr 2013 Welcome to the Domelands (now get lost)
[Rockhouse Peak]
Bob Davey
29-31 Mar 2013 Telescope Peak (The long way and back again)
[Telescope Peak]
Sonja Dieterich
22-24 Mar 2013 2 southern SPS peaks
[Sawtooth Peak, Spanish Needle]
Bob Davey
3 Feb 2013 Crescent Moon Couloir with dog
[Round Top Peak]
Steve Firebaugh


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