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Generated on 18 Nov 2022

The people in the Table below have been awarded a Super-Emblem for their climbs of peaks on the Western States Climbers (WSC) Peak List. Emblems were first awarded (1970-1998) when this was a hardcopy list (called the NAS List) maintained by the Sierra Club's Northern Alpine Section, aka the Peak and Gorge Section. After the Section was disbanded, their list was used to create this on-line WSC Peak List, as now maintained on the Climber.Org website. While continuing to recognize these earlier climbers, we encourage others to obtain on-line recognition to foster this spirit in the climbing community.

Anyone who believes they've met the emblem or list completion requirements may send their qualifying information to the WSC Executive Committee, who will review this information for accuracy, after which their name will be added to this Table.

The dates below represent when the qualifying information was provided and are not necessarily coincident with when emblem or completion status was achieved.

22Bob McLaughlin2022
21Kathy Rich2015
20Eric Kassan2015
19Tobi Tyler2015
18Howard Steidtmann2015
17Rich Wilson2015
16Daryn Dodge2014
15John Stolk2010
14Charlie Winger2004
13Bill Schuler2001
12Ken Jones2001
11John Bees1997
10Bob Sumner1996
9Eric Siering1995
8Alan Cooke1995
7Fred Johnson1994
6Terry Flood1994
5Rex Smith1990
4John Sarna1990
3Jackie Stroud1987
2Boris Nahlovsky1987
1Pete Yamagata1977

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