Sierra Peaks - Region 20
Clark Range And Vicinity

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8 peaks in Region 20: GPS route CLARK RANGE AND VICINITY (scroll down for map)

Clark Range And Vicinity
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Num Peak Name
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Waypoint Elev SPS ClassPics and
UTM hint
7.5' USGS
topo quad
20.1Merced PeakMERCEP11726 25 reports on merced888678Merced Peak 
20.2Red PeakREDPEA11699 22 pics of RedPeak
15 reports on red
875699Merced Peak 
20.3Gray PeakGRAYPK11573 26 reports on gray868722Merced Peak 
20.4Clark MtCLARKM11522M3s41 pic of ClarkMt
8 reports on clark
860747Merced Peak 
20.5Starr King MtSTARRK9092M51 pic of StarrKingMt
12 reports on starr
781756Half Domeneed
20.6Half DomeHALFDO8840+ 21 pic of HalfDome
11 reports on half
769805Half Dome 
20.7Clouds RestCLOUDS9926 11 pic of CloudsRest
4 reports on cloudsrest
808828Tenaya Lake 
20.8Triple Divide Peak NTRIPLN11607X22 pics of TripleDividePeakN
5 reports on triple
909674Mt Lyell 

NOTE: M = Mountaineers Peak, E = Emblem Peak, X = not on SPS List (in 'SPS' column)
      ^ = metric contours and elevations on 7.5' maps (in 7.5' map columns)
      Name Mt  => 'Mt' is before peak 'Name' (ex: Rose Mt is Mount Rose, but sorted on 'Rose')
      Name Mtn => 'Mtn' is after peak 'Name' as listed (ex: Muah Mtn is Muah Mountain)
The "UTM Hint" in the table above approximates the peak location to the nearest 100 meters.
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Map of Peaks in Region 20, GPS Route CLARK RANGE AND VICINITY

Map exported from TOPO! software, used with permission.

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