Sierra Peaks - Region 7
Great Western Divide

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14 peaks in Region 7: GPS route GREAT WESTERN DIVIDE (scroll down for map)

Great Western Divide
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Num Peak Name
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Waypoint Elev SPS ClassPics and
UTM hint
7.5' USGS
topo quad
7.1Triple Divide Peak STRIPLS12634M21 pic of TripleDividePeakS
5 reports on triple
632506Triple Divide Peak 
7.2Glacier RidgeGLACIR12360+ 2s41 pic of GlacierRidge
5 reports on glacier
607534Triple Divide Peak 
7.3WhalebackWHALEB11717 31 pic of Whaleback
2 reports on whaleback
632548Sphinx Lakes 
7.4Milestone MtnMILESM13638M33 pics of MilestoneMtn
7 reports on milestone
674552Mt Brewer^ 
7.5Midway MtnMIDWAM13665 22 pics of MidwayMtn
7 reports on midway
675561Mt Brewer^ 
7.6Table MtnTABLEM13632M31 pic of TableMtn
5 reports on table
684580Mt Brewer^ 
7.7Thunder MtnTHUNDM13517+M3s41 pic of ThunderMtn
6 reports on thunder
682590Mt Brewer^ 
7.8South GuardSGUARD13232 21 pic of SouthGuard
6 reports on guard
675617Mt Brewer^ 
7.9Brewer MtBREWEM13570E21 pic of BrewerMt
6 reports on brewer
674634Mt Brewer^ 
7.10North GuardNGUARD13327 3s46 reports on guard670643Mt Brewer^ 
7.11Farquhar MtFARQUM12887X2s31 report on farquhar663656Mount Brewer, CA 
7.12Sphinx TheSPHNXT9143X51 pic of SphinxThe
2 reports on sphinx
617704The Sphinxneed
7.13Palmer MtnPALMEM11254X22 reports on palmer600679Sphinx Lakes, CAneed
7.14Sphinx CrestSPHNXC11525X22 reports on sphinx626659Sphinx Lakes, CAneed

NOTE: M = Mountaineers Peak, E = Emblem Peak, X = not on SPS List (in 'SPS' column)
      ^ = metric contours and elevations on 7.5' maps (in 7.5' map columns)
      Name Mt  => 'Mt' is before peak 'Name' (ex: Rose Mt is Mount Rose, but sorted on 'Rose')
      Name Mtn => 'Mtn' is after peak 'Name' as listed (ex: Muah Mtn is Muah Mountain)
The "UTM Hint" in the table above approximates the peak location to the nearest 100 meters.
Click here for info on Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates.

Map of Peaks in Region 7, GPS Route GREAT WESTERN DIVIDE

Map exported from TOPO! software, used with permission.

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