Bear Boxes in the Sierra Nevada

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This list should be accurate, but don't trust your life to it!

Help us all develop and maintain this as a useful resource: Some of these bear boxes (aka 'food storage lockers') are not on the park service info sheets. Please contact the webmaster with text descriptions of how to find these or other food lockers, GPS coordinates (include datum!) or marked maps with updates, additions, and corrections. If you don't have details, even HINTS are welcome. If you have the software that can do so, please export the waypoints and email me the text file. If you ask, I'll email you .tpo files or tiny GIF files with scanned topo fragments so you can mark the location and email them back to me.


click here to view regions If you follow the links below to the box details, you will see JPEG maps where I've marked the locations. From each regional or box detail page, links are provided to view that region on interactive maps, overlaid with roads, trails, satellite images, etc.
  • Bear Boxes Map with graphical links to each region
  • a list of all regions with text links to individual regions
  • a full list of all the bear boxes in all the regions
      - one-line summaries of every box in every region
      - links to the same data as the regional lists
      - GPS waypoints and full text descriptions
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    Those boxes which have been field-checked by Climber.Org contributors are indicated by waypoints starting with "BB". Unverified boxes have waypoints starting with "XX", and the GPS coordinates associated with them range from a good guess to throwing a dart at a map - I read the ranger's description of where they are, and extracted a coordinate from the map. If you are going to a place with an unverified box, please take notes and update this file!

    Waypoint data is shown in the simple Waypoint+ format (comma-separated value files). You can copy and paste those lines into a local text file, then read it into Waypoint+ or import it into Topo! ... or click on the link near the top of each page to download a GPX file that is more suitable for newer GPS units and software. Note that both NAD27 and NAD83 data are provided, and both latitude/longitude and UTM coordinates are available, but the GPX file is only NAD83 decimal degrees. If you don't understand these acronyms, please click here for a UTM and LAT/LON coordinate explanation.

    The amount of error between the datum used for drawing most UGSG maps (NAD27) and the datum used by GPS satellites (WGS84 is essentially the same as NAD83) varies with location. Authoritative details of how to convert between NAD27 and NAD83, including charts of how much difference there is between them as a function of location, can be found on the US National Geodetic Survey's NADCON page.

    Even if you don't have a GPS receiver, use the waypoints in the regional box listings to find box locations on paper maps or your favorite mapping software.

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