Trip Reports in Africa, Sorted by Date
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12 reports for Africa
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Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]
8-14 Jan 2012 Reaching the Roof of Africa (A journey to summit Mount Kilimanjaro)
[Mount Kilimanjaro, Stella Point, Uhuru Peak]
Daniel Munslow
22-26 Jan 2009 Kilimanjaro via Marangu route -SpO2 study
[Uhuru Peak, Kibo]
Andrew Wirkus
8-21 Sep 2006 Kilimanjaro Machame route climb and wildlife viewing
[Kilimanjaro, Lava Tower]
Wolfgang Stiller
2-16 Sep 2006 Kilimanjaro Rongai Route
David Cohn
22-27 Oct 2004 Kilimanjaro (Machame Route)
[Mt Kilimanjaro]
Chuck Hasenauer
26 Sep - 5 Oct 2003 Gard's Kilimanjaro adventure (In September 2003 I went trekking on Kilimanjaro. I did the Machame route and used Marangu hotel as the tour operator.)
[Mt Kilimanjaro, Kibo Peak, Uhuru Peak]
Gard Karlsen
23-27 Mar 2002 Mt. Kenya, 2002
[Mt Kenya]
Tom Masterson
5 Jan 2001 Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
[Mt Kilimanjaro]
Steve Bonowski
16-21 Jun 2000 The Real Kilimanjaro
[Uhuru Peak, Mt Kilimanjaro]
Bob Gross
30 Jan 2000 Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
[Mt Kilimanjaro]
Rebecca Wolf
17-23 Jan 2000 Kilimanjaro 2000 (Tanzania)
[Mt Kilimanjaro]
Steve Eckert
1 Mar 1995 Chunder on the Equator (A messy ascent of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania)
[Mt Kilimanjaro]
John Flinn


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