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Date Peaks Climbed
[Report Title]

Reports about Uhuru
8-14 Jan 2012 Mount Kilimanjaro, Stella Point, Uhuru Peak
[Reaching the Roof of Africa - A journey to summit Mount Kilimanjaro]
Daniel Munslow
22-26 Jan 2009 Uhuru Peak, Kibo
[Kilimanjaro via Marangu route -SpO2 study]
Andrew Wirkus
26 Sep - 5 Oct 2003 Mt Kilimanjaro, Kibo Peak, Uhuru Peak
[Gard's Kilimanjaro adventure - In September 2003 I went trekking on Kilimanjaro. I did the Machame route and used Marangu hotel as the tour operator.]
Gard Karlsen
16-21 Jun 2000 Uhuru Peak, Mt Kilimanjaro
[The Real Kilimanjaro]
Bob Gross

Reports about Umpah (also in California Peaks database)
28 Mar 2016 Umpah Point
[Umpah Point]
Debbie Bulger
1-2 Feb 2002 Umpah Point, Mopah Peak
[Umpah Point and Mopah Peak - A California Mountaineering Club trip]
Mike Zimmerman

Reports about Uncompahgre (also in Colorado Peaks database)
18 Jun 2009 Uncompahgre Peak
[09 Season Launch: Uncompahgre]
Patrick Lilly
17 Jun 2000 Uncompahgre, Wetterhorn
[Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn]
Bill Strand
9 Jul 1997 Mt Handies, Uncompahgre Peak
[Colorado Fourteeners: Umcompahgre and Handies Peak]
Tony Cruz
20 Aug 1996 Uncompahgre Peak, Mt Elbert
[Uncompahgre Peak and Mt. Elbert]
John Cowan

Reports about Unicorn (also in California Peaks database)
25 Sep 2004 Cathedral Peak, Echo Peak 2, Echo Peak 3, Echo Crest, The Cockscomb, Unicorn Peak
[Cathedral Range Traverse]
Rick Booth
21 Aug 2002 Unicorn Peak, Mt Althuski, Cockscomb, Matthes Crest, Echo Ridge, Echo Peaks, Cathedral Peak, Eichorn Pinnacle
[Cathedral Range Traverse - IV 5.7]
Jim Curl
17 Oct 1999 Unicorn Peak
[The Unicorn in the Garden]
Arun Mahajan

Reports about University (also in California Peaks database)
6-12 Jul 2008 Mt Gould, Mt Rixford, East Vidette, University Peak, Mt Bradley, Center Peak, Mt Keith, Mt Stanford
[Center Basin Sweep]
Mike Bigelow
17-20 May 2008 Caltech Peak, Mt Stanford South, University Peak
[Higher Education - no book learnin required]
Steve Eckert
18-23 Aug 2002 Deerhorn, West Vidette, East Vidette, Bradley, Keith, Center, University
[Bubbs Creek Peaks]
John Bees
30 Jul - 4 Aug 2000 Deerhorn Peak, West Vidette, East Vidette, Junction Peak, Mt Stanford S, Center Peak, Mt Keith, Mt Bradley, University Peak
[Climborama V]
Jim Ramaker
30 Jul - 5 Aug 2000 University Peak, Center Peak
[University Peak, Center Peak]
Mike Bigelow
26 Jul 1997 University Peak, Independence Peak, Kearsarge Peak
[We Got Educated on University Peak]
Aaron Schuman
14 Jul 1996 University Peak, Independence Peak
[Onion Valley]
David Harris

Reports about Unsoelds
4-6 Sep 2005 Mount Moran, Unsoelds Needle, Drizzlepuss
[Mount Moran - CMC Route]
Andy Leach

Reports about Unterrothorn
25-28 Jul 2001 Matterhorn, Unterrothorn, Klein Matterhorn, Breithorn
[Climbing in Zermatt, Switzerland]
Arun Mahajan

Reports about Usgrant (also in Colorado Peaks database)
15-19 Aug 2005 US Grant, Peak 13767, Pilot Knob
[A President and a Pilot - Two Awesome Peaks in Ice Lake Basin]
T Colorado
14-16 Aug 2004 US Grant Peak, Vermilion Peak, Golden Horn, Fuller Peak
[Ice Lake Basin]
Mary Gilbert


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