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Names in this file: Derek Palmer  Logan Parker  John Paterson  Rich Pawlowicz  Robert a Pease  Ricardo Pena  Max Pentilescu  Neil Perrin  James Pezet  Scott Pierce  Karla Pifer  Mac Pigman  Nick Pilch  Bob Plant  Jack Plotkin  Marcin Porwit  Matt Posner  Steve Powell  Randall Putz 

Date Report Title
[Peaks Climbed]

Reports by Derek Palmer:
25-26 Apr 2008 Climbing Mt. Kinabalu (4095.2M or 13,444ft) (The Sandarkan Death March ... Part II)
[Mount Kinabalu, Lows Peak]
4-9 Sep 2005 Summer Sierra Trek to bag my sons first 14'rs. (Hoped for 4 14'rs in 6 days. Snow only let us have two.)
[Mt Tyndall, Mt Whitney]
9-10 Jul 2005 My first Colorado 14're - Mt. Elbert (Switchbacks are illegal in Colorado!)
[Mt Elbert]

Reports by Logan Parker:
4-6 Aug 2005 Mt Sill (14,153 ft) (East Couloir)
[Mt Sill]

Reports by John Paterson:
24-26 Aug 2002 Bear Creek Spire and Pyramid Peak (Ulrich's Route)
[Bear Creek Spire, Pyramid Peak]
9-11 Aug 2002 Mount LeConte with traverse to Corcoran (from Tuttle Creek)
[LeConte, Corcoran]

Reports by Rich Pawlowicz:
20 Jul 2003 Cathedral Peak (4th) and Eichorn Pinnacle (5.4) (Tuolumne Meadows, CA)
[Cathedral Peak, Eichorn Pinnacle]

Reports by Robert a Pease:
20 Jul 1999 What's All This Mt. Fuji Stuff, Anyhow? (Japan)
[Mt Fuji]

Reports by Ricardo Pena:
10-14 Feb 2005 Survivors of the Andes Discovery
[Mt Aconcagua, El Sosneado]
South America
31 Jan - 9 Feb 2004 El Pico De Orizaba 18,405'

Reports by Max Pentilescu:
1-2 Oct 2004 Live and learn (Dehydration on Mt Langley)
[Mt Langley]

Reports by Neil Perrin:
17-19 Sep 2004 Milwaukee Peak (13522), Pico Asilado (13611) & Unnamed 13020
[Milwaukee Peak, Pico Asilado, Unnamed 13020]

Reports by James Pezet:
23-25 Jul 2011 Homer's Nose: (A Nose That Doesn't Blow)
[Homers Nose 9023]

Reports by Scott Pierce:
20 Sep 2003 North Peak, Right Couloir (Back to School)
[North Peak]
10 Sep 2000 Weisshorn, East Ridge (Dutch Treat)

Reports by Karla Pifer:
27-29 Jul 2002 Mt Wilson and El Diente
[El Diente, Mt Wilson, Wilson Peak]
28 Aug 2000 Pyramid Peak
[Pyramid Peak]

Reports by Mac Pigman:
19 Aug 1999 Caltech Peak
[Caltech Peak]

Reports by Nick Pilch:
22-24 Sep 2006 Gray Peak via Grayling Lake
[Gray Peak]

Reports by Bob Plant:
6 Nov 2002 Leavitt Peak (with the Royal Marines)

Reports by Jack Plotkin:
19-23 Jul 2008 Ishinca Summit, Tocllaraju Attempt (Cordillera Blanca, Peru)
[Nevado Ishinca, Tocllaraju]
South America
20 Jan 2008 Rucu Pichincha hike
[Rucu Pichincha]
South America

Reports by Marcin Porwit:
10-11 Jun 2006 Little Tahoma via Fryingpan and Whitman glaciers (In memory of Larry Ingalls)
[Little Tahoma]
21-22 Jun 2004 Mt Baker - Coleman-Deming route (postholin' our way to the top)
[Mt Baker]
1 Aug 2003 North Peak
[North Peak]

Reports by Matt Posner:
15-17 Aug 2003 Mt. Whitney - Main Trail - 2 nights at Trail Camp
[Mount Whitney]

Reports by Steve Powell:
14 Jun 2003 Nevahbe Ridge, Mt. Morgan
[Mt Morgan North]

Reports by Randall Putz:
20 Jun 2011 Mt Whitney Main Trail 1 day Summit
[Mt Whitney]


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