Genoa Peak SE Gully

7 Feb 2010 - by Steve Firebaugh

Decided to investigate a possible new way to the summit of Genoa.

From the topo, I found a gully coming down the E flanks of the peak intriguing, with the Eagle Crest development road passing right underneath said gully. Leaving my truck parked on said road, I headed up this afternoon, departing about 1 PM, soon encountering a small coating of sloppy new snow deposited the day before.

At a couple points in the gully, I encountered old roadbeds that had been cut, so a less direct, but less steep alternatives exist to perhaps 40% height. At about 60% height, the new snow became to deep to navigate in boots, so i put on snowshoes. Even then, the deep new snow proved slower going than I had hoped, not reaching the ridge-top until 3 PM, and the summit at 3:45. The return went well, and I was back to the truck at 5.



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