White Rock Peak 6430ft
(via Surprise Canyon)

6 Apr 2009 - by Richard Natale

las vegas took Charleston Blvd, hwy 159 west to Red Rock Scenic Loop. drove the scenic loop to White Rock Springs Parking area. It is a dirt road for about 1/2 mile to the parking, trailhead and restrooms. Trailhead is on the s/w side of circle.


This also has a picture of the mountain. Stayed on main trail for little over 1/2 mile to 36.16623 115.48854 This is where we got off trail and went cross country on very obscure trail heading for large red wall.


As we passed the wall we could see the canyon that we were going to go up (Surprise Canyon). 36.16692 115.48901 is the beginning of the scramble. The trail from here is very worn well marked. It goes back and forth with too many ciarns along the way. When we reached a flat area we took a 300 degree compass heading to go up the right slot canyon.


At the top of the canyon there is a nice overlook.


With the same heading we traversed along a huge wall on the left going to the saddle in the middle


The trail goes over to the right for a little but gets back to the left very soon. nearing the saddle you have to stay very close to the left to avoid missing the dry waterfall. Go up the waterfall

38.jpg 43.jpg

go south to a big wall. On left side of wall there is a place to climb out.


Short traverse to the east


and soon turning south. Across the canyon there is a big rock with a ciarn on it marking the route.


The route is well marked to the ridge where you turn west again.


There are a few short climbs on the way to the summit.


This is the summit.


Follow the route for the descend. There is a fixed line for descending the waterfall in the wet season.


The views on the way back are really nice. This is a really fun scrambling route that my climbing partner, Eva Pollan, and I dicovered last year. Everyone we every took on it really liked it and I'm positive you will too. 2.5 hours up and 2 back. Elevation gain is about 1800 ft.

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