Unnamed 13,001
(Solitude near Independence Pass)

12 Aug 2006 - by T Colorado

Independence Pass is a scenic treat for all who visit it. Situated among many peaks, even the non-climber can appreciate the great views of La Plata and the infamous Ellingwood Ridge and the Maroon Bells. Yes, even the handicapped individual (the group to which I am currently among) can enjoy the 360 degree panaroma.

After spending the night camping by the La Plata trailhead, my husband drove us up and over Independence Pass and down to the first switchback in the road that crosses Roaring Fork River. There is ample parking at this trailhead (but, I must confess it was full for most of the day). Many families (with children) hike the trail to Linkins Lake (great fishing) and Independence Lake. Since the trail starts above treeline, the views are great from beginning to end.

My hubby took the Lost Man Trail past Independence Lake to Lost Man Pass and descended down to Lost Man Lake (he says there are great big fish in this lake). Once at the lake, he headed straight for the summit of Unnamed 13,001. There was a register on top (put there by a couple we met many many moons ago on our first climb of Pyramid), but he was only the 3rd person this year to sign in. This peak (as is the same case with the Geissler summits and the Williams Mountain summits) is not a very popular destination.

Michael shot some video on top, munched on some food, and quickly headed back down the trail as the weather was getting worse (we had awakened to cloudy weather with drizzle occuring throughout the day). He got back to the truck just before the downpour (great timing). I can't wait to join him (it's not like I didn't appreciate the joy of climbing before the broken foot, but an injury sure does emphasize the obvious). Happy trails!

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