Savage Peak

5 Aug 2006 - by T Colorado

Savage Peak is a beautiful mountain located in a picturesque valley (this climb can be combined with fishing and camping). My husband and I had passed by Savage Peak many years ago when we did a wonderful dayhike loop starting at the Missouri Lakes trailhead, following the trail along Missouri Creek and into the basin. Then hiking up to Missouri Lakes pass and contouring to Fancy Pass and then down the trail by Fancy Creek back to our car.

On this Friday, however, Michael, Ron and Beth drove to the popular Missouri Lakes trailhead for a climb of Savage Peak (from just west of Vail on I-70, take the exit for Highway 24 and head south 12 miles past Minturn to a right turn for the Homestake Road FR-703; drive eight miles to a right turn for FR 704; drive approximately three more miles to the trailhead).

The trail is easy to follow (and fairly gradual) to the scenic Missouri Lakes basin. Aim for a prominent, somewhat broad, couloir that will give you access to the northwest ridge. There can be snow in this couloir earlier in the year. The last 150 feet before reaching the ridge is composed of loose rock and some Class 3 climbing. Once on the northwest ridge, scramble left to the summit. Thanks, Beth, for leaving a register on top (as there was none). From the summit, they descended the northeast ridge and descended back down to the basin from which they started. It took them 6-1/2 hours roundtrip from the trailhead. Happy trails!

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