The Nurturing North Loop of Mt Charleston

7 Jul 2003 - by Matthew Urso

First of all I just want to point out that whomever put the last entry in Mt Charleston is in Nevada not California.

We started at 7:00 am on Monday July 7th. Being our second time up to the peak I really found the North loop via Trail Canyon extreemely easier than the South Loop trail. That is until the last 1,000 Vertical feet of incline.

The trail starts off at a gradual up slope but believe me you are going to notice that you are going up hill. This continues for 2 miles until you get to the sign marking the start of the North Loop Trail. From this point it is a nice 8 mile one way trip. Great scenery, huge vistas and massive dropoffs are all part of the casual climb towards the base of the peak. Once at the base you have 6 giant switch backs to climb your last 1,000 ft in elevation. I recomend for a great day to stay at the top for a little and return via the South Loop Trail it makes for an almost 20 mile day hike. The south loop scenery is extremely diverse from the north.

This is a great trail to train for longer siera day hikes with great elevation gains and a total body workout.

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