St. Mary's Glacier
(access report)

30-31 May 2003 - by Pat Jameson

Last summer we were told what the areas are where you can park for access to St. Mary's Glacier. We were given the following information. The first lot on the left, where there are boulders blocking the area, is illegal. The second area on the right across from the trail is small and legal. The third area on the left near the jeep road is small and legal. The 4th area 1/4 mile farther, next to Silver Lake, is large and legal. I was there today. There were boulders blocking much of the second lot on the right making it hard to get in. There were also boulders next to Silver Lake completely blocking access to the large parking area. Has the parking situation for St. Mary's changed again?

Kevin Craig adds:

The situation has not changed; both the first, large lot on the left and the small lot on the right across from the jeep road are on private land and are closed to public use. There is a medium-sized lot on the left just past the jeep road that, so far, is open to the public. I don't know what the situation is with Silver Lake.

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