Ecuadorian Summits

7 Dec 2001 - by Wolfgang Stiller

My wife Dianne and I just got back (December 7th) from a three week trip climbing in Ecuador. I wanted to post a quick status of the peaks we climbed. (I'll be shortly transcribing my journal and providing more details on each of the climbs) (We summitted all six of the peaks below)

El Corazon (15,700 ft)

Iliniza Norte (16,800 ft)

Iliniza Sur (17,200 ft)

Cayambe (18,996 ft)

Cotopaxi (19,300 ft)

Chimborazo (20,700 ft)

I hope this information is useful to others planning to climb in Ecuador. Overall, I felt VERY privileged to climb these mountains. There were all very different and beautiful mountains. Just being on the mountain is a huge treat (even if you don't reach the summit). These mountains are further special in that they all have easy access (in the case of Cayambe you can drive directly to the hut in a 4WD) and comfortable huts (no need to lug a heavy pack for days to climb these mountains).

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