Culebra Peak

23 Jun 2001 - by Steve Bonowski

CMC's climb of Culebra Peak (14,047') took place Saturday under bright & sunny skies. After assembly at the Culebra Ranch HQ, the group took off at 6:15 AM following the old road uphill to Four Way and then continuing on to the old parking area at treeline. From treeline, the designated route follows the old road & path directly east and gains the ridgeline at about 12,500'. The climbing route then follows the ridgeline past the giant cairn all the way to the summit. As expected, the biggest technical difficulty on the ridge was trying not to step on the wildflowers as they grow even in the path. There was no snow except on the east side, which added to the beauty of the climb, as did the flowers & scenic vistas. For several persons in the group, this was their 54th & final 14er, which made it an especially special day for us all.

Weather generally was cooperative and the group returned to Ranch HQ at 5:15 PM. The day's work entailed 13 miles round trip and with ups & downs on the ridge line, about 5,200' or 5,300' of vertical gain. Doing Culebra in this manner offers a good test of one's conditioning program, as Gerry Roach might say. Many of us enjoyed "apres climb" at Emma's Hacienda in San Luis, which continues to be recommended for such.

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