San Luis Peak

1 Jul 2000 - by Bill Strand

On Saturday July 1, 2000 Michelle and I climbed San Luis Peak via the Stewart Creek Trailhead (East Slopes Route? - I don't have my guide book handy). This is a beautiful area and an excellent trail. Finding the trailhead in the dark proved more difficult than the climb. I have an older edition of Roach's guide book and this may have compounded the problem. On the drive out in daylight everything seemed much clearer. For those arriving in darkness I measured the turnoff from Highway 114 to be 19.6 miles south of the intersection of US 50 and Hwy 114. There are signs that direct one to the Stewart Creek Trailhead after leaving Hwy 114. The dirt road to the trailhead is in excellent condition and easily passable for passenger cars. There is parking and some camping available at the trailhead. We saw one moose on the trail who was spooked by us and quickly ran away (First Moose sighting in Colorado). The trail was almost entirely free of snow as were the peaks other slopes. The afternoon thunderstorms started around 11am, so start early and enjoy.

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