Pikes Peak via Crags Campground

14 Oct 2000 - by Doug Cook

Other than some confusion on my part when we crossed the Pike Peak toll road, the route is well worn and easy to follow. The dust from the surprisingly constant traffic was the worst hazard on the trip. At the summit we celebrated my last Fourteener and took the obligatory photos. Lee and Kevin brought mini-bottles of champagne - wow, that carbonated stuff really hits you fast at 14,000 feet! We enjoyed a break inside the Summit House, along with the ever present tourists, and purchased hot drinks, snacks, and a six-pack of their world famous doughnuts (that aren't supposed to rise at that altitude). The trip down was cold, and we were above treeline for another couple of hours. We arrived back at the trailhead 4 hours later.

Great times and lasting memories come from celebrating happy trails with good friends!

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