The lakes were Little, the peak Big

31 Jul 1999 - by Aaron Schuman

The ranger who issued my permit in Mineral King was the last person I saw on Friday. I bopped over Glacier Pass, over Black Rock pass, and down to Little Five Lakes, where I made camp. On Saturday, I crossed Big Arroyo on a fallen log, then walked up the High Sierra Trail to the base of Big Kaweah. 3200 feet of talus took me to the 13802' summit. I bathed in the sublime vistas of the jagged, nearby Kaweah Peaks Ridge, the vertiginous trenches of the Big Arroyo and the Kern, and the way the Eastern Sierra looked like the ripped and crumpled edge of the world. I returned to Little Five spent but satisfied. Sunday, I went out the way I came in, cross country and in quiet solitude.

Greg Johnson adds:

You get 100 points for brevity, and 200 for using "bopped" and "vertiginous" in the same paragraph.

Rob Langsdorf adds:

That's a long way to go for one peak. When I did that area I made two week long trips and cleaned out the area. Otherwise it would have been about a dozen trips to get them all and I would have still had to do at least one multi day trip to get Kern Point and Picket Guard.

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