Scree: The PCS Newsletter

Scree is the monthly newsletter of the Peak Climbing Section. It's an invaluable resource for peak climbers, containing trip announcements, leader contact information, trip reports, and news of the Sierra Nevada. Scree is mirrored on Climber.Org as a service to the climbing community. Mirroring is common on the web, and is intended to provide a duplicate copy of useful files in case a host or site is offline or the original files are deleted.

Scree issues from BEFORE Feb 2001 are subject to the Common Sense Rules for Climber.Org since they were not originally on a Sierra Club website. PDF and HTML files AFTER Feb 2001 are "Copyright © Sierra Club All Rights Reserved," reproduced from or with the permission and request of the Sierra Club.

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Most issues of Scree dating back to 1990 are available on the left, plus the first ever issue from Jan 1967 (click here to view HTML or PDF format for that issue.)

There are three types of files in this archive:

  • files are intended for viewing with Adobe's Acrobat Reader. The newer PDF versions should print the best. The older ones may not be searchable since they were created with a scanner and OCR software. Many of those old PDF files have serious spelling errors because the OCR (optical character recognition) software can't read through folds and smudges - for example "Please bring your own wives, forks, spoons, cups, and plates. We donít want to have :o resort to paper plates..."

  • files can be viewed in any web browser. The HTML versions may have missing pictures or strange formatting due to file structure and references that could not be copied.

  • Plain files are the issues of Scree that were sent via plain text email with minimal formatting. The plain text versions obviously have no pictures. Some of the plain-text issues are missing because the Editor of the time couldn't (or didn't) export plain text or save the word processor source files. No plain text issues have been created since 2004.


Use Exchange or AcroRead Version 3.0 or later to read Acrobat PDF files; older versions won't work. PDF (or Portable Document Format) files are similar to Postscript, but smaller. When printed, the PDF version of the Scree is identical to the hardcopy version. Free Acrobat Readers are available from Adobe for PC (DOS, Windows, OS/2), Mac, and Unix computers.