Visalia to Three Rivers

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This file describes leaving Hwy 99 at Visalia, to reach Sequoia/Kings Canyon via Three Rivers:
Sequoia & Kings Canyon, South Fork Kaweah River, Mountain Home State Forest.
Waypoints between Visalia and Three Rivers are plotted to clarify the text below.
See also Fresno and Madera approaches to Oakhurst, Prather, Shaver, and The Wye.

Follow the GPS route VISALIA-3RIVERS waypoints, as described below.

Here is an overview of the entire route from Visalia to Three Rivers:

Exit Hwy 99 at Hwy 198 (waypoint 099198), following signs for Sequoia / Kings Canyon national park. Go through Visalia on freeway, crossing Hwy 63 at waypoint 198063. (Those coming from the south may choose to exit Hwy 99 near Tulare and come up Hwy 63 instead of taking the route described below, but you won't save much time.) The Visalia Municipal Airport is a convenient carpool spot: Take the Plaza exit from Hwy 198 immediately east of Hwy 99. Follow the signs west to the small terminal, and park under or near the large solar panel array.

Stay on Hwy 198 as it turns north at Yokohl Valley Road (waypoint YOKOHL, the turnoff to Mountain Home State Forest and Dillonwood Grove). Hwy 198 then goes through Lemoncove (not a noticeable town) and around the southern shore of Lake Kaweah (waypoints 198216, 198KAW, 198HRS). You will see some tourist shops and restaurants, but don't blink or you'll miss Three Rivers (waypoint 3RIVER).

This route is the best for Mineral King and South Fork, but questionable for Lodgepole and out of the question for Cedar Grove (Kings Canyon). Hwy 198 (the south way into Sequoia) is much slower to drive than Hwy 180 from the north.

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