North America's Sixteeners

Paul Wilson reported:

Boulder CO resident and guidebook author, Gerry Roach, has completed the highest 10 summits in N America. He also has completed all the 16000 foot mountains in North America except Bona which is the 11th highest. The last summit was Mount St. Elias (18008'). His climbing partners for this one were Mike Butan, Chris Haaland, Jim Rickard and Bob Wood. All are local Colorado guys.

Gerry was the second person to complete the 7 summits, 12/13/85 (with Kosciusko). He also climbed Carstensz 5/3/94. So he is on both seven summit lists.

Here is the list of N Americas top 10 per Gerry:

McKinley US 20320
Logan Canada 19524
Orizaba Mexico 18700
St Elias US/Canada 18008
Popocateptl Mexico 17887
Foraker US 17400
Ixtaccihuatl Mexico 17343
Lucania Canada 17147
King Canada 16973
Steele Canada 16644

Bob Ayers adds:

the first person to climb the seven highest in N America was a woman: Barbara Lilley of southern California.