First Aid Training Opportunities

Jim Curl wrote "I've been searching around for a Wilderness First Aid course. I've been hoping to find something that bridges the gap between the Red Cross Standard First Aid course and the full blown Wilderness Emergency Response courses."

Below are some responses, neither researched nor recommended by Climber.Org, but quite likely useful to you:

South Bay Trekking Company


South Bay Trekking Company began in 2008 to offer outdoor experiences to residents and visitors of Silicon Valley and beyond. Our programs vary in activity, ability level, and length. We focus on safety, environmental sustainability, fitness, and a positive leisure experience for the entire group. See our Red Cross Health & Safety Courses.

Cal Adventures, Berkeley


They offer a 20 hour Extended Wilderness Care course. It includes Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR certification. It runs three days (Friday 6pm-10pm, Sat and Sunday 8am-5pm). The cost is $105.

Mountain Medicine, Oakland


These are the guys that put on the Treasure Island lecture series. They also offer a three day hands-on Wilderness First Aid course at Pt. Bonitas. The cost is $275.

Wilderness Medical Associates

207-730-7331 / 1-888-WILDMED [NOTE: Justin updated this phone number in 2009 - they no longer own the old number!]
20 Mussey Rd
Scarborough, ME 04074

Located in Maine, they offer courses throughout the country. But, unfortunately, nothing in northern California is offered in the forseeable future.

Wilderness Medicine Institute

Last spring I took the best first aid class I've ever had. It cost over $100 but it was worth it. It was a weekend class offered at UCSC in Santa Cruz by the Wilderness Medicine Institute of Pitkin, Colorado.

You can find a schedule of upcoming courses for the Wilderness Medicine Institute, which is now affiliated with NOLS, at

Outdoors Unlimited


They offer a 20 hour "Wilderness Standard First Aid" course. It runs three days and costs $60.

National Ski Patrol

National Ski Patrol members every year teach Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) classes which are sometimes open to those who are not patrollers or patrol candidates, but who are affiliates with BAMRU for example.

Stanford Continuing Studies

Stanford Continuing Studies has upcoming classes on Wilderness First Aid and Field Map Making and Map Reading.

Click here for details.

Foster Calm

Bobbie Foster also has a web site with Wilderness First Aid class schedules and descriptions:

Wilderness First Aid - 20 Hours This is a great 20-hour class for those who are looking to experience practicing wilderness first aid skills in an outdoor setting. In addition to a half day of outdoor scenario practice of first aid and leadership skills, this class focuses on practicing skills and covers wilderness first aid topics: patient assessment, shock and bleeding, head and spinal injuries, wounds, musculoskeletal injuries, heat and cold illnesses and much more. Adult CPR and Wilderness First Aid certifications are available upon successful completion of this course and passing a written wilderness exam. There are pre-class reading assignments. (If you are current in Adult CPR, contact Eric Fenster about your options and costs)

Class will be taught by Bobbie Foster of Foster Calm, former OU First Aid Program Coordinator. Been teaching wilderness first aid in the Bay Area for 6 years.

Pre-requisites: None

Cost: $82- OU Volunteers, Millberry Union Members, UCSF Students/ $105 - UCSF Staff/$115 - General Public

Sign-up Now ? Sign-ups are already in progress. Call 415/476-5244 for registration information.

Call Eric Fenster at 415/476-1469 for any questions about the class or Outdoors Unlimited's First Aid Program.