Sierra Peaks - Region 18
Mono Creek To Mammoth

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13 peaks in Region 18: GPS route MONO CREEK TO MAMMOTH (scroll down for map)

Mono Creek To Mammoth
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Num Peak Name
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Waypoint Elev SPS ClassPics and
UTM hint
7.5' USGS
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18.1Silver PeakSILVEP11878 21 pic of SilverPeak
9 reports on silver
213487Sharktooth Peak 
18.2Izaak Walton MtIZAAKM12077 25 reports on izaakwalton330485Graveyard Peak 
18.3Red And White MtnREDWHM12816 21 pic of RedAndWhiteMtn
15 reports on red
359495Mt Abbotneed
18.4Red Slate MtnREDSLM13123+M13 pics of RedSlateMtn
7 reports on slate
349526Convict Lake^ 
18.5Stanford N MtSTANFN12838 21 pic of StanfordNMt
15 reports on stanford
413505Mt Abbot 
18.6Morgan N MtMORGNN13002 21 pic of MorganNMt
11 reports on morgan
428529Convict Lake^ 
18.7Baldwin MtBALDWM12615 22 pics of BaldwinMt
7 reports on baldwin
365553Convict Lake^ 
18.8Morrison MtMORRIM12277M21 pic of MorrisonMt
7 reports on morrison
359586Convict Lake^need
18.9Bloody MtnBLOODM12552 21 pic of BloodyMtn
6 reports on bloody
316586Bloody Mtn^ 
18.10Laurel MtnLAUREM11812X24 reports on laurel331607Bloody Mtn^need
18.11Sharktooth PeakSHARKP11640X21 report on sharktooth209499Sharktooth Peakneed
18.12Cockscomb SCOCKSS10719X01 pic of CockscombS
6 reports on cockscomb
194478Sharktooth Peak 
18.13Graveyard PeakGRAVEP11520X2s32 pics of GraveyardPeak
3 reports on graveyard
241466Graveyard Peakneed

NOTE: M = Mountaineers Peak, E = Emblem Peak, X = not on SPS List (in 'SPS' column)
      ^ = metric contours and elevations on 7.5' maps (in 7.5' map columns)
      Name Mt  => 'Mt' is before peak 'Name' (ex: Rose Mt is Mount Rose, but sorted on 'Rose')
      Name Mtn => 'Mtn' is after peak 'Name' as listed (ex: Muah Mtn is Muah Mountain)
The "UTM Hint" in the table above approximates the peak location to the nearest 100 meters.
Click here for info on Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates.

Map of Peaks in Region 18, GPS Route MONO CREEK TO MAMMOTH

Map exported from TOPO! software, used with permission.

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