Sierra Peaks - Region 15
Evolution Area

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20 peaks in Region 15: GPS route EVOLUTION AREA (scroll down for map)

Evolution Area
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Num Peak Name
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Waypoint Elev SPS ClassPics and
UTM hint
7.5' USGS
topo quad
15.13Henry MtHENRYM12196 26 reports on henry379166Mt Henry 
15.10Hermit TheHERMIT12328M2s51 pic of HermitThe
2 reports on hermit
475141Mt Darwin 
15.14Spencer MtSPENCM12400X23 reports on spencer508132Mt Darwin 
15.12Emerald PeakEMERAP12546 22 reports on emerald435145Mt Henry 
15.11McGee MtMCGEEM12944 33 reports on mcgee457115Mt Darwin 
15.6Huxley MtHUXLEM13086 34 reports on huxley506111Mt Darwin 
15.20Picture PeakPICTUP13120X34 reports on picture536127Mt Darwin 
15.18Clyde Spires EastCLYDEE13200X35 reports on clyde535115Mt Darwinneed
15.19Clyde Spires WestCLYDEW13200X3s45 reports on clyde534115Mt Darwinneed
15.16Powell aka Pt WesleyPOWELW13356X21 pic of PowellakaPtWesley
10 reports on powell
554111Mt Darwin 
15.2Powell aka Pt PowellPOWELP13360+ 2s31 pic of PowellakaPtPowell
10 reports on powell
557115Mt Thompson 
15.17Powell Mt aka Pt JohnPOWELJ13364X32 pics of PowellMtakaPtJohn
10 reports on powell
550113Mt Darwin 
15.3Wallace MtWALLAM13377 2s34 reports on wallace529122Mt Darwin 
15.9Lamarck MtLAMARM13417 12 reports on lamarck518176Mt Darwin 
15.4Haeckel MtHAECKM13418 36 reports on haeckel526127Mt Darwin 
15.1Thompson MtTHOMPM13494 21 pic of ThompsonMt
11 reports on thompson
568117Mt Thompson 
15.5Fiske MtFISKEM13503 23 reports on fiske520111Mt Darwin 
15.15Warlow MtWARLOM13508X21 report on warlow513102Mt Darwinneed
15.8Mendel MtMENDEM13710 31 pic of MendelMt
8 reports on mendel
507154Mt Darwin 
15.7Darwin MtDARWIM13831E3s41 pic of DarwinMt
9 reports on darwin
516145Mt Darwin 

NOTE: M = Mountaineers Peak, E = Emblem Peak, X = not on SPS List (in 'SPS' column)
      ^ = metric contours and elevations on 7.5' maps (in 7.5' map columns)
      Name Mt  => 'Mt' is before peak 'Name' (ex: Rose Mt is Mount Rose, but sorted on 'Rose')
      Name Mtn => 'Mtn' is after peak 'Name' as listed (ex: Muah Mtn is Muah Mountain)
The "UTM Hint" in the table above approximates the peak location to the nearest 100 meters.
Click here for info on Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates.

Map of Peaks in Region 15, GPS Route EVOLUTION AREA

Map exported from TOPO! software, used with permission.

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