Sierra Peaks - Region 9
Kearsarge Pass Vicinity

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18 peaks in Region 9: GPS route KEARSARGE PASS VICINITY (scroll down for map)

Kearsarge Pass Vicinity
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Num Peak Name
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Waypoint Elev SPS ClassPics and
UTM hint
7.5' USGS
topo quad
9.6Bago MtBAGOMT11870 11 pic of BagoMt
2 reports on bago
717701Mt Clarence King^ 
9.11Black MtnBLACKM13291 28 reports on black772744Mt Clarence King^need
9.17Charlotte DomeCHARLO10670X51 pic of CharlotteDome
4 reports on charlotte
680715Mt Clarence King^ 
9.9Clarence King MtCLAREM12907E4s51 pic of ClarenceKingMt
8 reports on clarence
711772Mt Clarence King^ 
9.8Cotter MtCOTTEM12713 26 reports on cotter715756Mt Clarence King^need
9.12Diamond PeakDIAMOP13127 21 pic of DiamondPeak
5 reports on diamond
761763Mt Clarence King^ 
9.10Dragon PeakDRAGOP12927+ 3s46 reports on dragon773723Kearsarge Peak^ 
9.13Fin DomeFINDOM11693X32 pics of FinDome
7 reports on fin
741749Mt Clarence King^ 
9.7Gardiner MtGARDIM12907M41 pic of GardinerMt
8 reports on gardiner
699742Mt Clarence King^ 
9.18Glacier MonumentGLACIM11154X01 report on monument658734The Sphinx 
9.4Gould MtGOULDM13005 1s31 pic of GouldMt
7 reports on gould
771711Mt Clarence King^ 
9.2Independence PeakINDEPP11742 32 pics of IndependencePeak
7 reports on independence
812690Kearsarge Peak^ 
9.15Kearsarge Pinnacles NKEARSN11956X21 pic of KearsargePinnaclesN
8 reports on kearsarge
757693Mt Clarence King^ 
9.3Kearsarge PeakKEARSP12618 11 pic of KearsargePeak
8 reports on kearsarge
799722Kearsarge Peak^ 
9.16Kearsarge Pinnacles SKEARSS12031X31 pic of KearsargePinnaclesS
8 reports on kearsarge
770681Mt Clarence King^ 
9.14Mary Austin MtMARYAM13048X22 reports on maryaustin785750Kearsarge Peak^ 
9.5Rixford MtRIXFOM12887 21 pic of RixfordMt
4 reports on rixford
753717Mt Clarence King^ 
9.1University PeakUNIVEP13589M22 pics of UniversityPeak
7 reports on university
785676Mt Williamson^ 

NOTE: M = Mountaineers Peak, E = Emblem Peak, X = not on SPS List (in 'SPS' column)
      ^ = metric contours and elevations on 7.5' maps (in 7.5' map columns)
      Name Mt  => 'Mt' is before peak 'Name' (ex: Rose Mt is Mount Rose, but sorted on 'Rose')
      Name Mtn => 'Mtn' is after peak 'Name' as listed (ex: Muah Mtn is Muah Mountain)
The "UTM Hint" in the table above approximates the peak location to the nearest 100 meters.
Click here for info on Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates.

Map of Peaks in Region 9, GPS Route KEARSARGE PASS VICINITY

Map exported from TOPO! software, used with permission.

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