Crescent Moon Couloir with dog

3 Feb 2013 - by Steve Firebaugh

In perfect weather with hard pack trail in the snow to Lake Winnemucca, my furry 4 legged partner set off for Roundtop Peak. Leaving the truck at the alpine hour of 11:30, we made our way to the base of the Crescent Moon Couloir in an hour and half. I donned crampons while the dog said what do you need those for. I traded trekking poles for ice ax and up we went. The dog got bored with my slow pace and scurried up ahead. He seemed to think it a game, because he would then bound back down and I dug in and braced for impact! But he veered to the side and came to an abrupt stop. We repeated this game several more times. When within a stone's throw of couloir top, the dog scurried the rest of the way up. I could see him peering back down with a look of encouragement. We topped out at 1:30 and spent some time enjoying the warm sun. I made a scramble to tag the summit then we headed down the W Ridge, encountering a couple coming up. The uneventful trip down landed us back at the truck a bit before 3:00PM, an excellent afternoon and walk with the dog, with enough time to still catch a little Superbowl action.

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