Beautiful day for a climb up Glass Mountain

15 Aug 2012 - by Louis Scuderi

The road from the paved highway is in excellent shape and easily driveable to the trailhead. Dust was relatively light due to the recent rains.

We started from the old jeep road (currently blocked off) at 2805m and quickly headed up the use trail that follows a ridge to an open area at around 3000m. Worked our way up the trail quickly and reached the small saddle at 3310m just prior to the summit. Overall the use trail is quite easy and is in fairly good condition all the way to the summit.

At the summit we had beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada to the west.



The summit register is currently only a small unbound book with relatively few pages. Needs to be replaced soon. Based on the number of entries over the past few years it should last for a few years longer.

Could see across to the slightly lower northern summit about 1km away. Having climbed that summit as well in a loop trip many years ago we decided to pass on it.


After about 30 minutes on the summit we headed down the use trail and made it back to the car in about 45 minutes. Overall a great climb with beautiful views. I had last climbed Glass in 1978 and other than the well defined use trail little has changed since then.

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