Jobs/Jobs Sister/Freel from Carson Valley

11-12 Jun 2010 - by Steve Firebaugh

June 6, 2010

Jobs Peak, Jobs Sister, Freel

Climbed Jobs Peak from Carson Valley, starting from my home at 9AM at the base of an E facing gully that I have previously (see TR), and which I repeat regularly. You can also reach the route from the Faye Luther TH: take forks towards the Jobs Peak Ranch Trail and head up hill about 50 yards NW of the Faye Luther/Lonesome fork. Partway up the slope, a well cairned use trail (mine) follows the right side of the gully to nearly half height. The route continues up the gully with a few quickly disappearing snow patches to the prominence I consider to be the Jobs false summit at a point approx 3/4 mile NE of Jobs. From there, travel along a bouldery and sometimes brushy ridge gains the NE slopes of Jobs and step kicking up fast retreating snow gains Jobs.

On the descent towards the Jobs/JobsSister saddle I followed a mix of trail and snow, with more of the same on the climb up to Jobs Sister. The round trip from Jobs Sister to Freel was a straightforward down and up walk of 70% snow. After returning to Jobs Sister SE shoulder, I descended down Jobs Canyon, starting out on snow, then following stream bed. I found this descent tedious, slow going, and somewhat unpleasant. I eventually came to Jobs Peak Ranch where trespassing across this private development is necessary to reach the Jobs Peak Ranch trail to return to the Faye Luther trail system. Approx 7,500 feet gain total.

jobs/jobs sister/freel route map

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