Star Trekken by team Franzia

19 Jul 2008 - by Keith Weiland

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Doing two routes on Mt Russell in perfect weather conditions, we started from the Whitney portal and up the North Fork trail to the Whitney Russell Col. We were not sure what line we wanted to climb, but when we had a look at the crack just to the left of Mithral Dihdral we thought it looked like a lot of fun. We had no topo for this route, through word of mouth it went at 5.10 Star Trekken and you access it by climbing the first two pictures of Mithral and cutting left through a roof crack.

Well the whole climb was amazing granite beautiful climbing on well protected splitters. A standard rack was working well, we were worried because it looked wide. Well I'm serious if anyone has any info on this route because I haven't been able to find it listed in any books, but people around the eastern sierra know about it if they are into alpine walls so what is up with it?

So we summited and then went back to the base and climbed Fishhook Arete in 2 simo pitches so fun what a cardio work out at 14,000. We made it back to the car in 14 hrs by descending the east ridge - what a great way to descend!

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