Run up Kineo Mountain
(38 degrees 47 minutes 25 8 seconds N 104 degrees 55 minutes 52 3 seconds W 9478 ft elev)

16 Oct 2006 - by Patrick Lilly

From the GCR road closure parking lot near Helen Hunt Falls, I ran up the rocky Seven Bridges Trail, which follows North Cheyenne Creek, past the south slopes of Kineo Mtn., to where it meets the trail heading northwest into Jones Park. It's only a couple of miles, but I don't know the exact distance, because my GPS ran out of battery power.

The TH is at 7,500 ft. I left the trail headed back to the east/southeast through light timber at around 9,000 ft. A short section of scrambling over rocks leads to a short series of rocky outcrop ridge points, which are nearly at the same elevation as the true summit. Along the ridge, sections of visible climber's trail make the final stretch to the summit block easy to negotiate. I felt good about my overall climb rate of roughly 2,000 ft. per hour.

Total time up was just barely one hour. The weather was clear, sunny, and mild, and I chose this day because the forecast called for a serious downturn in conditions the next day. Light running clothes--including ordinary running shoes--sufficed nicely. Time down was just 47 minutes. The trail is rough and rocky, but well-worn, and was improved just this summer to make some sections that were loose and slip-prone easier to negotiate.

The view is actually quite good in all directions from this often-overlooked summit. The summit of Pikes Peak comes into view shortly before reaching the top, close enough that the building on top can be clearly seen. Cheyenne Mtn., Mt. Rosa, and Mt. Garfield are all easily visible, as is the spectacular view down into N. Cheyenne Canon; the south slopes of Kineo are quite steep. Sorry, no pictures yet. I only took a few, and haven't learned how to upload them and link to them yet!

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