Mt Bierstadt

30 Sep 2005 - by Cliff Rogers

Perfect day for a hike. Parked at the top of Guanella Pass. Started hiking at 0830 and was down 4 hours and 15 minutes later. The trail was pretty easy to follow except for the last 5-10 minute scramble to the top. You pretty much have to make your own trail. This trail is not a technical climb at all, just a few boulders you have to walk over at the top. Brought my dog with me, and he didn't want to hop from rock to rock for the last 5 minute scramble. A couple of guys offered to watch the hound so I could summit, which was awfully nice and worth the trip. Got held up 20-30 minutes on some delays driving up Guanella Pass due to construction. I believe there is no construction on the weekends. You can bag this 14teener pretty quickly, I enjoyed it.

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