Longs Peak

12 Sep 2005 - by Cliff Rogers

Started hiking at 6am sharp. Its was a bit windy at the parking lot so I didn't think I was going to be able to summit. It was a windy walk up, but bright sunshine. At the Keyhole several people turned back bacause it was so windy. As I went past the keyhole the wind must have be racing close to 60mph, and I thought there's no way. But as I went past the keyhole the wind died down and there were a few gusts that you had to be careful of but none the less I am glad I continued on. Reached the summit at 1115 and got back down to the parking lot at 4:00. I had a headache on the way down because I didn't bring enought water (and I could have used a light pair of gloves). But it was a great trip and the view at the summit is the best in Colorado. Un freakin believable.

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