A Sunny Day on London

19 Jun 2005 - by T Colorado

London Mountain is a little known peak that rests in the middle of the basin on the east of Mosquito Pass. London is surrounded by Buckskin, Loveland, Tweto, Mosquito and Treasurevault. We had already been in this basin twice this year and been unable to climb London due to adverse weather. This is a delightful little peak especially via this cirque-de-London route. From Hwy 9, take the Mosquito Pass Road until you come to a fork (the right hand fork will be marked with a 4WD vehicle sign). Take the right fork for approximately 1 more mile until you are directly below and east of the bulk of London Mountain; there will be a beautiful campsite and small pull off area from the main jeep road. If you are lucky, you will find a great large fallen log to cross the creek. Bushwack up to the east ridge of London. Follow this steepening ridge to the summit (there was no register, but there were two very curious big horn sheep!). The descent of the west ridge can be very fun rock work; if you wish to avoid the rock work, however, bypass most obstacles on the south (left) side of the ridge. The west ridge will intersect the Mosquito Pass Road. At that intersection, head right (or north) and follow the jeep road as it winds its way back down to your parking spot (approximately 6 miles roundtrip). Happy Trails!

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