Peak 10, Crystal Peak, Father Dyer Peak
(A Pleasant Walk)

31 Jul 2004 - by T Colorado

Michael and I decided to cram some peaks in before our trip down to Coxcomb. As these peaks are located fairly close to Denver (just outside of Breckenridge), it made it easy to make a day hike out of it. Additionally, after so many ascents (over 300), and with our questionable record-keeping (haha), we couldn't remember if we had done these peaks or not. We came to find out that we had not done these three (Father Dyer Peak does not technically "count" as there is not enough saddle drop between it and Crystal Peak). After driving up the Spruce Creek Road, we came to the "Y" intersection where you could either go right up to Francies Cabin (gate was open) or left to Mohawk Lakes. We elected to park in the shade (at the "Y") and hiked up the road to the right which put us exactly where we needed to be in the basin below the three peaks. Once we were below Peak 10, we turned to the right and hiked up talus to the summit. Then, we walked over to Crystal Peak and over to Father Dyer Peak and descended down scree slopes to the mine below the three peaks. This was a nice hike with no technical merit and the weather (and views) were good. Happy trails!

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