Silliman snowclimb dayhike

3 Apr 2004 - by Sid Rao

Members: Siddarth Rao, Amit Bedajna,

Trailhead: Lodgepole, off of 198

Started at 6:45 saturday morning, snow level was 7500'. I realized I had forgotten my topo, but we knew we had to follow the creek. Also, nobody has been up here since the last storm a week back so there were no footsteps to follow. We reached Silliman creek in about an hour. Then slowly made our way on the right side of the creek up towards the slabs. Amit had done this in summer a few years back. At the bottom of slabs we saw clouds moving in. Visibility was dropping. We stayed to the right of slabs along the trees at around 30-35 deg angle slope. Reached the lake around 11. By now we had white out conditions and it seemed like we may not be able to go up since Amit could not recall the way up. We decided to take an extended break hoping for some clearing. At 12 it started clearing and we decided to make good of this chance. At 12:15 we started on the left side of lake and started moving up. I started moving towards the peak on right but Amit pointed out that Silliman is the one on left. Reached the peak at 1:20 and stayed till clouds moved in again and all views were blocked. Now the visibility was really bad. We retraced our steps back to the lake. The clouds were not threatening. On the way down practiced some self arrest. Back to trailhead by 6:30. Saw only 1 group of people all day.

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