Split Mtn

9-10 Sep 2003 - by Sid Rao

We followed the driving directions from http://www.climber.org/DrivingDirections/redlake.html on the way in but this is a better route http://www.desertmud.com/hike_details/EventID/54 (check alternative route) we took this on the way out, you don't need 4x4 for this route for the one on top you will need 4x4 on the way back.

This mountain has the lot of color to it and is different then other peaks.

I had to be back home early on Sunday so didn't have a choice of peaking on Sunday. Chris, Mehran and I decided to to go to the peak, Jason and Matt decided to relax and peak Sunday morning. We took the North ridge (east) approach. But instead of going to Split-Prater saddle, we went up a chute before the saddle.

Meanwhile, Matt was concerned about getting this truck out from trailhead so while Jason went for a short hike, Matt packed up and went back.

Jason peaked solo on Sunday morning starting at 5 and peaked at 9. Chris and I headed down around 8:15am and reached trailhead by 11:45am. Mehran and Jason came down later in the afternoon.

The trail is pretty much scree and talus and that makes it a tough hike.

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