Humboldt Peak
(S. Colony Lakes Trailhead)

14 Jun 2003 - by Layne Bracy

We drove up Friday night to attempt the standard route on Humboldt. We hoped to drive in a ways to shorten the hike, but our Honda CRV couldn't quite hack it, and we camped at the 2WD parking area. A number of vehicles made it the 5 miles up the road, but 2 others broke down trying. It's a rough path. The hike itself was fairly straightforward. Some snow patches are left but present no special difficulty. We enjoyed the abundance of wildlife, including many fat marmots and 2 bighorn sheep. Another group spotted a mountain goat, too. No real difficulty with the route, just switchbacks above the South Colony lakes and turn right at the ridge. Clouds threatened all day but never did major damage. Excellent views of the Crestones and Kit Carson from the top!

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