Ski North East Face of Lassen

7-8 Jun 2003 - by Mike Griffo

For those looking for a little beta. Erik, on snow shoes and snow board, and I on Telemarks went up Lassen yesterday. Because Hwy 89 is closed at the Devastated Area parking lot and because this is the most direct route for the North East face we started our hike from there. With no snow for at least a mile from the parking lot we hiked out with our equipment on our backs. Early in the morning the snow was firm enough that Erik didn't use his snowshoes and skinning up to the higher angle slopes made for easy walking. The weather was beautiful all day, T shirt weather even at the top!

There were a few other groups on the mountain and there was great spring corn around 10am. At about 11am the warm weather loosened the snow pack enough that one tele skier started an avalanche on her way down and got partially buried. Fortunately her partner was able to assist her and none were injured. On our way down the face was avalanche prone as well and many small avalanches were created by some deep turns but we were not caught in them. Overall, it was a great trip and made for an excellent Saturday.

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