Diabolical Day Trip

19 Jan 2003 - by Aaron Schuman

Jan 19, 2003. Kelly Maas led a trip to Mt Diablo. His entourage consisted of Charles Schafer, Jim Welch, Jim Moore, Rod McCalley, Kai Weidman, Cecil Anison, Liz Harvey, Dot Reilly, and your reporter, Aaron Schuman. Our trailhead was Mitchell Canyon. Though sunshine was forecasted, we began in a dense fog. After an hour we popped out above the cloud tops. The rest of the day it looked like we were on an island on a big white sea. We could see other islands: Tamalpais, Hamilton, and Loma Prieta.

From our lunch stop at the summit, we could make out the snow caps of the northern Sierra Nevada, although we couldn't identify any individual peaks. We looked for Mt Lassen, where Stephane Mouradian's party should have been summitting at that very moment, but the day just wasn't clear enough. We had a group picture snapped by a very 21st century 3D photographer. We're looking forward to seeing his image through Crystal Eyes glasses.

Kelly selected a descent via the Falls Trail, which turned out to be a stunningly beautiful walk past cascades and cold pools. We intruded on a trailside ladybug orgy, and we saw plenty of evidence of wild pigs.

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