Middle Palisade
(Northeast route)

28-29 Jun 2002 - by Tom Donnelly

It appears that there are two ways for the first part of the NE route on Middle Pal. Some descriptions mention that you pass a large pinnacle, but may not mention which side of the pinnacle.

Secor shows the route going to the right of the pinnacle per the line drawn on the photo on page 225 of the Second Edition (1999). The line as drawn goes into a chute of loose orange choss that diagonals up and right into the wide couloir to the right of the large pinnacle.

The other option, which seems to be more heavily travelled, is to start at the top of the morraine and stay to the left of the pinnacle, as shown by the line in the 2002 edition of Moynier's Sierra Classics, and by the line on p. 157 of the California Fourteeners book.

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