Mr. Rogers 13,391'

1 Dec 2002 - by Steve Bonowski

Rogers was a weather/wind substitute for yesterday's CMC climb of Mt. Warren. Rogers is the first main peak above the Mt. Evans Road on the way to Summit Lake. Warren is about 1/4 mile further along the ridge, albeit slightly lower. This was not a real technically oriented climb; we walked the road much of the way. However, this was a trainer for the upcoming Kilimanjaro outing. So, our conditioners are designed more for aerobic workout at altitude than for technical challenge. Views are very impressive once one gets up on the ridge. The road itself has good views altho somewhat lesser. Round trip mileage to Rogers using the road route from Echo Lake is about 9 miles with 3,400'+ of elevation gain. BeauJos in I. Springs provided pleasant apres-climb for our group of 6 (there Kevin, how's that?).

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