Davis Not Bagged

11 Oct 2001 - by Eric Beck

Every so often Eric gets what seems like a good idea. This one was to day hike Davis. He was off bright and early from Agnew, actually had to wait 10 minutes for enough light to move. At Thousand Island Lake it was cold, cloudy and windy. The tip of Rodgers was going in and out of the cloud and there were some isolated flurries. Eric looked at the time, a little before 10 and calculated that it was at least 3 hours to the summit and that this would be pushing the already short daylight.

Eric's penance was to return down the High Trail, a little longer. He decided that since work was right on the way, he might as well work a few hours this afternoon. Eric would like to know from those who have day hiked Davis how it worked out. He could kick himself for not having the sense to do it when he did Banner.

Steve Eckert replies:

Thought about day hiking it, but also waited too late in the season and wound up not doing so. Did it later in December as a 3-day trip (-10F in camp at Thousand Island Lake), so still don't know how it would go as a day hike. The good news is that you can do Davis from Silver Lake in the winter and have a totally different experience!

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