Disaster Barely Averted

10 Nov 2001 - by Aaron Schuman

So late in the autumn, but still very little snow on the ground. We decided to climb something easy and close, so we could leave quickly if the forecasted storm arrived early. We went to Disaster Peak. Our party consisted of Dave McCracken, Kelly & Landa Maas, Tom Driscoll, Nancy Fitzsimmons, Bob Plant, and trip leader and reporter, Aaron Schuman.

We started from the Disaster Creek trailhead on Clark Fork Road, off highway 108. At Adams Camp, we took an unmaintained trail toward the summit. From the top there was a nice view of the volcanic plugs and inverted topography that characterizes the Sonora Pass region. We tried to take a compass bearing off of Stanislaus Peak, but the iron content of the summit rocks caused the compass needle to swing about recklessly. We returned via Paradise Creek, making a nice loop. The hike was 4 hours up, 3 down, 3600 vertical feet, 9 miles round trip.

Mike McDermitt adds:

Congratulations of course but it seems to me that your linguistic muse, for once, failed you. Since your group did summit the peak, in fact you didn't "avert" Disaster, you "Overcame" it.

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