Dick's Peak, Jack's Peak

15 Oct 2001 - by Ron Karpel

The Emerald Bay road was closed due to a marathon race, so we went to the Lily Lake Trailhead (at the end of Fallen Leaf Lake). The hike to Dicks Peak from there is about a mile longer then from Bayview Campground, but if one is adding Jacks Peak it's about the same.

We started on the dirt road toward Glen Alpine Springs, and continued on a good trail towards Susie Lake and then towards Mt Tallac and finally to Dicks Pass on the PCT. From the pass there is a use trail partly up the main ridge to the top of Dicks Peak. There is much loose terrain there, but I was able to avoid much of it by staying on the ridge proper, though there were some easy 3rd class moves involved. After spending some time at the summit (no register), we descended to the saddle between Dicks and Jacks and then climb the easy 3rd class ridge to Jacks Peak, again, choosing the ridge to avoid loose terrain. From the summit of Jacks Peak we descended directly to Half Moon Lake which involved loose and dangerously slippery gullies, though there was nothing technically hard. Then taking the good trail we made good time back to the car.

Stats: 4 hours trailhead to summit of Dicks Peak. 45 minutes from Dicks to Jacks and 3 hours form Jacks Peak back to the trailhead. 8:30 hours total trailhead to trailhead including breaks. about 14 miles and 4,000 feet.

Participants: Olesya Runov, Maxym Runov, and scribe Ron Karpel.

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