Mt Sherman

2 Jul 2000 - by Rolf Denver

On Sunday July 2nd my wife and I took her Californian brother up Mt. Sherman, his first fourteener. An uneventful hike, except for the sighting of two beautiful, large (non-antlered) moose on the approach drive near the Leavick trailhead. I didn't realize there were moose on the Mosquito Range.

"Easy Fourteeners" can be interesting from a sociological perspective. Consider: (1) The gates on the 4WD road were open, and one vehicle was parked all the way up at the Dauntless Mine at approx. 13,000 feet (not very sporting, that). (2) We saw a mother and father with two preschool kids, plus an infant in a carrier on the father's back, starting to hike up at 12 noon as the clouds were getting much darker (it began to rain shortly thereafter; talk about not leaving much margin of error for safety!). (3) A hiker walks up to us and asks, "Which one is Mt. Sherman?" (I confess I was tempted to point to Sheridan...) (4) A family's little mutt runs far down the Leadville approach from the saddle between Sheridan and Sherman, and the family hollers and hollers for it to return; by the time the poor dog finally runs back, its paws are badly cut and bleeding, and the dad has to carry the dog in his pack (hope it was housetrained!).

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