Roundtop roundtrip.

19 Mar 2000 - by Arun Mahajan

A note on the privately organised trip to Roundtop (10381 ft) on 19th March 2000.

Clear skies and the imposing form of Roundtop in the skyline spurred on the ten of us in the morning of Sunday the 19th of March and we made good time on our snowshoes (George was the only one on skis) to Lake Winnemucca, after having started at 8.45 am from the top of Carson Pass. At the snow covered lake, we headed right and then towards the ridge line towards the saddle between Roundtop and it's adjoining peak. Here the angle got progressively steeper and we switched to crampons and made our way towards the first summit. A couple of people decided that the angle was a little too much for them and they prudently decided to wait for us. The rest summitted at about 11.30am. While some preferred the first summit, some others did the extra ridge walk towards the true summit. Getting over the small rock band that is just below the high angled true summit with cramponed boots added some spice to the climb. The views were spectacular all around but the cold wind made us retract our steps and very soon we all were back to the point where we had left our snowshoes. The sun continued to shine and the walk out was very pleasant and we were all back to the cars at 2.45pm, a six hour day in all.

The snow was crusty and getting a little hard but snowshoes or skis are still needed or you will punch through. Ski conditions were not the best but George still made the most of it all.

The mountain climbers that did the trip were, Adrienne Van Gorden (co-leader), George Van Gorden, Rick Booth, Dee Booth, Scott Kreider, Ron Karpel, David McCracken, Huy Nuygen, Dana Le and leader and scrivener, Arun Mahajan.

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