Mt Richthofen and Static Peak

11 Sep 2000 - by Jim Ippolito

Saturday morning Steve Blecker and I climbed Mt. Richthofen and Static Peak on the Northwest boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park. We camped overnight at the Crags Campground just west of Cameron Pass on highway 14. We began hiking towards Lake Agnes about 6am, scrambling up the class 2 (maybe 2+ nearer the summit) slopes of Richthofen, and summitted about 8:45am under very windy conditions. We spent 15 minutes on the summit, hunkered down behind the wind break. We then decended northward towards Static Peak; the climbing was easy class 2. We summited at 9:30am and spent an additional 15 minutes on the summit refueling for the climb downwards. We decended the east ridge, described in (I think) one of Roach's books as a knife-edge. The edge wasn't a perfect knife-edge, but the dropoffs were certainly lofty on both sides. Definitely rated class 3. We decended to the low point of the east ridge, and then turned northward and descended the rest of the ridge downward to Michigan lakes. We ended up hiking out and around the northern most base of the Nohku Crags and back to the Crags campground by 12:15pm. A great loophike with some lofty views of the northern portion of RMNP.

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