Huron Peak 14003 and Grays Peak

7 Sep 2000 - by Steve Bonowski

Yesterday was a beautiful climbing day in the Sawatch Range. Even with a late start up the trail (10 AM), the summit of Huron was achieved by our group of three by 2 PM. There were some storm clouds around, but generally clear skies over Huron.

Our route up was via Lulu Gulch. There is a signed turnoff to the left where the jeep road going south up the valley splits. I don't recommend this road for other than walking and really serious jeepers. Follow the road to treeline and where it descends slightly, take an obvious trail to the right and continue traversing up towards the main ridge line between Brown's Peak & Middle Mtn. Once up the steep stretch, bear right and head for the saddle north of Browns Peak. Climb partway up Browns, and contour left towards the low point south of Browns (you can of course go up Browns). Then follow bits and pieces of trails doing a traverse on the rocks below the points on the Browns/Huron Ridge. This is the most interesting part of the route, a little Class 2 work. Continue up Huron's north ridge to intersect the CFI trail and then on to the summit.

Our descent was via the excellent CFI trail to the valley floor, and then we followed the road back to our car. The aspen in the Winfield area are already turning and barring bad weather, should peak out in 7-10 days. We had the peak all to ourselves, and that means wildlife!! Saw deer, marmots, pikas, ptarmigan, ducks and even a snowshoe hare; plus a flight of trumpeter swans overhead flying south. Could hear them a long way off.

Final note: we brought back the register because it was completely full, even all sides of the vinyl covers. Unfortunately did not have a replacement along. If anyone does Huron soon, please take along a register. We left the pen.

Grays Peak Note: went up Grays last Sunday. The Stevens Gulch Road is getting really rough and in a couple places, is "borderline" for passenger cars. Plenty of cars still get up, but I'd hate to see the undercarriages. Low clearance passenger cars really ought to consider parking at the Grizzly Gulch road junction; there were several passenger cars parked there on Sunday with people walking up.

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